The patented Quickswap design consists of a modular "tire" that affixes to an autonomous hub which houses a very robust spring-loaded lockring. These specially engineered locking hubs also accept standard bearing formats. To install a Quickswap tire, simply align the the modular tire with the hub, push and click! To release the modular tire, use our QuicKey to disengage the lockring using a simple press-and-turn motion. Changing your wheels simply doesn't get any easier!

Here's what makes Quickswap Wheels uniquely functional and as reliable and robust as a standard wheel:

All Quickswap housings and rims are made from ultra-high performance glass reinforced thermoplastics with extremely high tear, compression and shear strength.

At over 5mm thick , both the rim and lockring engagement teeth are virtually indestructible. Two high-force stainless steel compression springs insure full lock ring engagement, even under high rotational forces and intense vibrations. the "gap-free" structural design eliminates structural flex and insures continuity between component layers during use.

So what are the benefits of Quickswap beyond the quick release feature?
- Available in multiple diameters and widths
- Available in multiple hardnesses & colors
- Tamper resistant hub & tire option
- Less Urethane = lighter overall weight
- Less Hardware Cost - installing the hubset once = no need for extra wheels with reduntant bearings
- Go Green - less urethane material + a one-time hubset install = less overall waste into our landfills
- Economics - purchase additional tires at a lower price than competitors